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goddamn the lighting, the colours, everything. it's very intense, perfectly captures the devastation of losing a loved one. I love it, bravo sir

this is pretty fun, i like it a lot. some of the lines could use a little more smoothness/continuity and the (what I think is a) syringe or something at the upper left looks a little flat (the upper part, not the body or whatever the glass part is called). the concept is really cool and the piece has a nice composition to it. 3.4/5

you really clamped down some more on poses and shit since my last review, and it shows! love it, good shit. the textures on the clothes are really cool, but man gotta say, without following the folds of the clothing and such it's kinda flat. the weight of the figure should be a bit stronger (you know, like weight in gesture drawing). the face has weird asymmetries and the mouth could be better imo, but that's decently countered by the really well done expression, at least. i feel his DETERMINATION, his FURY.

overall, this is really good! i could see myself seeing this in a comic and diggin it

StaggerNight responds:

wow thanks! I agree with the its kinda flat. Im still working with poses. The face is a tad off now that you say that in terms of position. I really like the feedback! Im always down for critique, wish others were too.

( also the character is a she, i dont care that you miss saw that, kinda my fault as i didnt put much emphasis on the chest and i try to show gender in drawings without just adding a shit ton of eyelash and big bitties if you know what mean. [ dont let this end bit have a bad taste in your mouth tho. Have a good one! ] )

the head is too forward from the neck, but you kinda have the head shape right. i wish i could show you like a vid on a review bu okay, time for WORDS

so like if you build the head out of two oval looking sphere thingies, in anime or realsm or whatever, it tends to have a very human look. so like from the front is the oval , the middle line is the eyes or brow, depending on how your character looks. i dunno, maye he's jacksfilms and his forehead beghins there. 3/4 the back oval pops out kinda, the back of the cranium. from the side though, it's kinda like to ovals, one horisontal and one vertical, meeting at the forehead. equal length, perpendicular to each other. the necke begins not horisontally. the head looks more spherical here though, which is fine in anime. in either case, the neck is too far back so it looks like it flatly meets the cranium, plus she like has a real long jaw. the nec should begin like a ummmm 6th or 7th of the through the horisontal, upper ovel. am i making sense? i guess you could interpret her head as technically fitting that bill but her hair is MADDDD thick yo

the pose is okay. it works. what you need is gesture though. practice gesture drawing, your characters will become fabulously expressive, i promise. also i like that renaissance hand pose YOU DAVINCI LOVING FUCKER YOU.

background is imprecisely painted. remember, cabinets are blocky things and they look blocky, still, ded. i guess. whatevs

anyway i like the shading, obviously you put a lot of work into that, i can tell. it could use more contrast though.

try to organically do gradients with transparent brushes, the airbrush/vignette thing looks too mechanical

overall 2.75/5, i like and you did some things real good. i hope this helps, maybe im just dumb idk. best of luck

PatrickDomingo responds:

Thank you very much 9-BOMB
its really helpful
i'll practice gesture drawing i guest its better if i start there.

Damn, Rock.


I'll see myself out

seriously though, value, colour, shape etc. everything is near perfectly done, great stuff. photorealistic. mad respect bro

The perspective and exaggeration kind of gives the effect of an extra wide-angle lens. It's kind of uncomfortable, almost claustrophobic, I love that. The warm reds and oranges, the really lonely and almost reserved blues and vibrant purples are amazing. It almost feels like the warmer colours are struggling to not be lost between the colder ones.

The lines are really loose and rough, and I think in some cases it takes away from the piece and really adds to it in others. If the lines making up some of the buildings were more continuous (particularly the focal one), I feel like they would have been more effective, for example. However, the more loose-looking lines on the trees in the top right are wonderful.

I could go on for days, but bleh.

Great stuff, one of the best things I've seen on here.

Shye responds:

Thank you so much for the detailed review! In retrospect I agree with you on the messy linework, I wanted to use it in an exaggerated way to create this feeling of giving up, but yeah some parts are very incoherent and just scribbles lol. Maybe would have worked better in a more natural environment but that wasnt quite what I was going for. Either way though I'm happy to have made something of your liking :)

I really like your approach to inking, the lines are very bold. The wrinkles on the clothing are nicely done. However, the inconsistencies in line thickness here and there are a bit jarring. There are some slight issues elsewhere too: the mildly small head (should be a bit taller), stubby thumbs, the left foot looking like it doesn't have an heel, and the fact that the one leg is put just a tad too far to the right. The ears also look like they're kinda asymmetrically angled. I love the way the dress is coloured. I do think that there could have been more contrast in the shading of the hair and skin, but that's just my opinion.

Lastly, the pose is good, however I think it could have used a bit more gesture and exaggeration to really give it that feeling of motion.

Despite all those flaws, this still is a fun piece, nice job.

StaggerNight responds:

Oh wow that's a big one. You had some valid points, I see what you mean for most of them. Thanks! I will try to keep these into account next time.

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